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Do I need to get vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19?

Saturday, August 28, 2021, 10:21 GMT+7
Do I need to get vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19?
A woman receives a dose of COVID-19 vaccine in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Ngoc Phuong / Tuoi Tre

Individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 should get vaccinated between four weeks and six months following their recovery.

Previous studies show that a person should receive their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine six months after recovering from the disease, Suc khoe Viet Nam – a Facebook page managed by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health – quoted Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health as saying.

With recent studies indicating that the vaccines are harmless against recovered patients, vaccination can take place as early as four weeks after their symptoms have subsided.

Regarding COVID-19 patients with no symptoms, it is recommended that they receive one dose of vaccine as early as four weeks after being confirmed positive for the pathogen.

Those who become infected with COVID-19 after receiving their first dose of a vaccine should wait at least six months after their recovery before getting a second dose.

For immunocompromised individuals, a case-by-case review must be carried out to decide whether a single dose of vaccine or a complete vaccine regimen is necessary, depending largely on the type and extent of the person's immunodeficiency.

Current data does not indicate that vaccination after COVID-19 infection is problematic or dangerous.

The trials of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines Pfizer and Moderna included participants who had previously contracted the disease.

The results of these studies showed that recovered patients responded to the vaccine similarly to those who had not been infected.

Some data suggests that recovered patients may experience milder post-vaccinal reactions compared to those clear of COVID-19, while there is no difference in the effectiveness of vaccination between these two groups of people.

COVID-19 testing prior to inoculation is thus unnecessary.

The data also shows that COVID-19 vaccination can provide protection for at least six to eight months.

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